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Salva Satinah! Il governo indonesiano paga la cauzione per salvare la vita della connazionale domestica in Arabia Saudita

5 aprile 2014.  Era stata condannata nel 2011 per furto e omicidio con l'accusa di aver ucciso nel 2007 la propria datrice di lavoro - in risposta ai maltrattamenti subiti - e di aver rubato per fuggire. L'esecuzione della sentenza era prevista per giovedì 3 aprile, ma la sua vicenda nelle ultime settimane aveva attirato l'attenzione di cittadini e società civile nel Paese d'origine; in molti si sono attivati con campagne di sensibilizzazione mirate alla raccolta del denaro necessaria per per salvarle la vita. read all >

Sant'Egidio Community: joy for the release of Mr. Iwao Hakamada

March 29, 2014. The Sant'Egidio Community was delighted at the news of the release of  Mr. Iwao Hakamada on 27 March, after 48 years of imprisonment in the death row. Sant'Egidio has closely followed the case of Mr. Hakamada and wishes him health, supports him with friendship, hopes that a retrial of his case will soon lead to full recognition of his innocence. Sant'Egidio expresses appreciation to the judge Hiroaki Murayama, hoping that his example will be followed by many representatives of the judiciary and governmental authorities of justice.
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The annual report of Amnesty International on the death penalty

March 27, 2014. According to , along with alarming levels of executions in an isolated group of countries, mainly the two Middle East Countries, there has been an overall decrease of convictions and executions. Thirty years ago, the number of countries that had carried out executions was 37. The number had dropped to 25 in 2004 and fell further to 22 last year. In the last five years, only nine countries have resorted to capital punishment year after year . “ The long-term path is clear: the death penalty is becoming a thing of the past. Let's urge all governments, that still kill in the name of justice, to impose an immediate moratorium on the death penalty, with a view to its abolition”, Shetty concluded . In many countries that still resort to it , according to the report by Amnesty International, the death penalty is shrouded in secrecy and in some cases not even the authorities inform the families and lawyers , without mentioning the general public, on the execution plan. read all >

U.S., an innocent was going to be put to death in the state of Mississippi

March 26, 2014.  Suspended the execution of  Michelle Byrom.  Mississippi is about to proceed to the first execution of a woman since 1944. According to Oliver Diaz Jr., former judge of the state Supreme Court, “if the execution will take place we will all be accomplices, since in this case everything was done less than justice”. The execution of, 56 years, is scheduled on Thursday, 27. The position of Riccardo Noury of Amnesty International.

The Coptic Catholic Bishop of Assiut: "The Church is always against the death penalty"

March 26, 2014. “The situation is complex. There is the hardness of a judgment that is not final, and we have to wait. In any case, the Church is against the death penalty. From the point of view of the Christian conscience, the death penalty can never be the way to solve problems in the right way”. So Kyrillos William, the Coptic Catholic Bishop of Assiut, explains himself  about the 529 death sentences issued against the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood by the Court of Minya. “Many people” Anba Kyrillos states to Fides Agency, “doubt that the Grand Mufti will confirm the sentences. On other occasions the judges who issued the ruling had distinguished themselves for having imposed the harshest penalties. Many people ask to be taken exemplary punishments against the sectarian violences. But the death penalty can not be the solution”.

Committee D.U. Marazziti: “Appeal in order that Egypt applies the UN General Assembly resolution for a universal moratorium”

March 26, 2014. Let's send an appeal by the Italian Parliament in order to exclude the death penalty  from the sanctions that can affect the political oppositions in Egypt and  in order thatEgypt  applies the UN General Assembly resolution for a universal moratorium of the executions about the final convictions. “I am deeply concerned about the very possibility of a national reconciliation - Marazziti said in a statement -  if the judgments are not quickly reversed, and if the mass political revenge - even through legal actions - becomes the way by which Egypt intends to reduce the violence in the Country and to overcome the criticism that led to the overthrow of President Morsi”.

The UN : mass death sentences are a violation of human rights

March 25, 2014. The death sentence yesterday's decision by the Egyptian Law against 529 supporters of the deposed President Mohamed Morsi is a violation of international human rights laws. This is the statement by Rupert Colville, the UN High Commission spokesman; according to him “the incredible number of people sentenced to death in this case is without precedent in recent history. The imposition of a mass death penalty after a trial marked by irregularities is a violation of international human rights laws”.

Concern for the 529 death sentences in Egypt

More than 500 supporters of the Islamist President Mohamed Morsi, deposed by the army, were sentenced to death for the violences committed last summer. Of the 529 sentenced to death, since the second day of the trial opened last Saturday in al-Minya, south of Cairo, only 153 are currently in custody.  The Sant'Egidio Community expresses concern for such an extreme conviction . A harsh penalty which, combined with the high number of convicts, leads one to ask for clemency to hope that soon this decision is modified or mitigated.

Human Rights Council holds high-level panel discussion on the question of the death penalty

March, 17 2014.  The Human Rights Council this afternoon held a high-level panel discussion on the question of the death penalty to exchange views on advances, best practices and challenges relating to the abolition of the death penalty and to the introduction of a moratorium on executions. The discussion included a video message from Ban Ki-Moon, United Nations Secretary-General, and a statement by Navi Pillay, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. read all >

ECOWAS court stops death penalty in Nigeria

The Federal Government of Nigeria has admitted that it will abide by the decision of the ECOWAS Court of Justice stopping it from further executing criminals on death row.

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Riconosciuto innocente dopo aver trascorso 30 anni nel braccio della morte

Glenn Ford, 64 anni, ora è un uomo libero. La Louisiana lo ha scarcerato ammettendo un clamoroso errore giudiziario dopo 30 anni. Una giuria (di «soli bianchi», ci tengono a precisare gli osservatori) lo riconobbe colpevole di avere ucciso un gioielliere, Isadore Rozeman, 56 anni, durante una rapina. "Non posso tornare indietro e fare quelle cose che avrei potuto fare a 40 anni. Ho un figlio che era un bambino quando mi hanno arrestato, adesso è un uomo adulto con dei figli..." read all >

Moratorium on executions in Arkansas. America moves away from the death penalty.

February 17, 2014. An Arkansas judge decided to stop all the planned executions  until the application method of the death penalty will not be revised. All U.S. States that practice the death penalty are involved in the problem. the Judge Wendell Griffen decided to give reason to nine death row inmates who have called for the suspension of the sentences in Arkansas. The current law in fact speaks of barbiturates to carry out the executions but it does not specify which ones and does not provide other information on the training of staff who practice the injection. The Sant'Egidio Community hopes that the dispute will be resolved, that still does not violate the 8th amendment, which protects against a "cruel and unusual punishment" and that soon the death penalty is suspended in all States.
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Papa Francesco incontra la madre e i legali difensori di Victor Saldano, condannato a morte in Texas

5 febbraio 2014.  Anche la Comunità di Sant'Egidio di Buenos Aires, da sempre impegnata per la lotta alla pena di morte e per la salvezza di Vìctor, accompagnerà la delegazione. L'avvocato Vegas ha spiegato che i ricorsi fanno riferimento all'asserita discriminazione razziale che ha pesato sul processo, a presunti vizi del sistema giudiziario texano, a ipotesi di violazione dei diritti umani, nonché allo stato di totale prostrazione psicologica del detenuto dopo 17 anni nel "braccio della morte". "Parleremo al Pontefice, simbolo a livello mondiale per la forza della sua autorita' morale - ha detto il legale -, e gli faremo presente come tra le nostre richieste ci sia il fatto che Saldano, in virtu' del suo stato psicologico, sia almeno detenuto in un carcere comune". read all >

The letters that break the bars

December 29, 2013. Over the years, many correspondences have been showing that having someone to write it marks the time, opens up a space of love, it helps not to lose faith. The days pass all the same and nothing distinguishes them from each other. From "Famiglia Cristiana" a new appeal to send a greeting card for New Year to Anthony Farina, unjustly sentenced to death, for many years in the death row. For him, as for so many condemneds, to write and receive mail is like breaking the bars in order to make the words and affection, coming from outside, pass through.
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The Capital of Texas speaks shyly against the death penalty.

Austin, capital of Texas, the state where most of the USA executions occur, joins the initiative "cities for life", which puts together 1600 cities in the world to say no to the death penalty. For the first time under the City Town Hall a group of protesters of Pax Christi and other Catholic organizations. Militants  read aloud the names of the 507 death row inmates killed since 1982 when the capital punishment was reintroduced. Obviously in Austin a public building could not be brightened, as it happens in Rome since 2002 with the beautiful lighting of the Colosseum thanks to the initiative of the  Sant'Egidio Community, but we will go ahead working in order to help the Texans to be aware that there is an alternative to the capital punishment, and Texas will change mind as well. read all >

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