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In particular we report Montréal, Berlin, Geneva, Riga, Lisboa, Rome, Manila, Madrid, Athens.

There are more than 1988 cities in the world that declared themselves "Cities for Life" and are committed to the abolition of the death penalty.

The World Day of Cities for Life / Cities against the Death Penalty, that takes place on November 30 each year, is the largest contemporary planetary mobilization in order to indicate a higher and more civil form of justice, able to finally renounce to the death penalty.
Each city has the option of declaring November 30 "Day for Life / against the death penalty" and then insert the phrase "Cities for Life / Cities against the Death Penalty", next to the name of the city and its logo (a notice to that effect shall be sent to the Community of Sant'Egidio).

Each city can also connect its own website (or facebook page) to the international network, that refers to the online platform, and enter the city in the list and in the interactive online map of the Cities for Life. The secretariat will provide each city credentials to enter directly on the interactive map pictures, videos and other information on initiatives related to the campaign. In addition, it would be desirable that each participating city tried to report to the local press their support for the Campaign.

In order to browse the map more easily you can use the list further below this page, which gets longer every day with new cities joining the campaign.

The involvment of local administrator in a process of abolition of the death penalty, allows to the city that adheres and to its citizens to enter into an international network and becomes a characteristic that identifies the city itself. This opens up new opportunities for dialogue with the directors of the areas in which the death penalty is in force and /or is practiced.

This reinforces the action of the the activists and abolitionist organizations.


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