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Suggest your town hall participate in the World Day “Cities for Life - Cities against the Death Penalty”.

Contact your mayor and ask them to join the day. You can always invite humanitarian associations, church representatives or any other person who is sensitive to this issue to make symbolic gestures (for example, the Houston Cathedral in Texas was lit up on 30 November 2005). Contact us.

Write to a death row inmate.

 The first step in guaranteeing the essential rights of those on death row is to break their isolation. Nothing is useless; everyone's efforts are priceless. We have opened up a section on correspondence with death row inmates on our website. This has allowed more than 1000 death row inmates in the United States, Russia, Cameroun, Zambia and the Caribbean to enter into epistolary contact with as many people from 55 countries.  Everyone likes receiving a letter. Even more so if it means the possibility of establishing a long-lasting, sincere friendship that would otherwise be impossible.

You can also help us if you write to us and indicate in which languages you can and/or prefer to write. We’ll answer you as soon as possible, sending you the name and profile of a prisoner that has stated a desire to correspond.

Contribute to the death row inmate legal defence fund.

There are other highly valuable initiatives for breaking the isolation of death row inmates. This help can be reflected in stable contact, visits or taking charge of their legal defence. Town halls and private individuals can contribute financially to the International Legal Defence Fund for Death Row Inmates created by the Sant’Egidio Community. It is a necessary and essential tool for reducing the number of cases of the execution of innocent people and sentences without a real possibility for defence.
You can help us with financial contributions for the legal defence of death row inmates. Nothing is superfluous in the battle to defend life.

Communicate interesting news related to the death penalty.

The Sant’Egidio Community website offers an almost daily agency on the main problems, happenings, cases and successes associated with capital punishment all over the world and disseminates news that approximately 100,000 people read each month with relevant growth even in countries where the death penalty continues to apply. You can help us by sending useful information or contacts.

Participate in urgent campaigns and special initiatives in favour of death row inmates.

The Sant’Egidio Community disseminates via the Internet urgent campaigns and initiatives in favour of death row inmates which amount to calls aimed at political or judicial authorities, as appropriate. You can send the calls from the Community website. If you’d like, you can receive all calls by giving us your email address.