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December 18 2009 | SOMALIA


Two public executions -one of those a stoning- by insurgents of Hezb al-Islam

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 MOGADISCIO, - Gli insorti islamici somali di Hezb al Islam hanno processato e giustiziato in pubblico due uomini riconosciuti colpevoli rispettivamente di adulterio e omicidio. Lo si e' appreso da fonti concordanti.

Un giudice islamico ha imposto in nome della sharia, la legge islamica, la lapidazione a Mohamed Abukar Ibrahiim, 48 anni, riconosciuto colpevole di adulterio e la fucilazione a Ahmed Maohamud Awale, 61 anni, accusato di omicidio.

Ad assistere alle esecuzioni centinaia di persone riunite ad Afgoye, un bastione del movimento islamico, ad una ventina di chilometri a sud di Mogadiscio. ''Urlava e aveva il sangue che gli usciva dalla testa e dal busto'', ha raccontato un testimone della lapidazione, eseguita da decine di militanti del gruppo islamico. La ragazza di 15 anni con la quale l'uomo avrebbe avuto una relazione sessuale, ha ricevuto 100 frustate. A lei e' stata risparmiata la vita perche' non era sposata.  Il secondo condannato a morte e' stato ucciso da raffiche di Kalashnikov sparate da un parente dell'uomo che avrebbe pugnalato, ha aggiunto un testimone.

E' la prima volta che gli insorti di Hezb al Islam eseguono condanne a morte con queste modalita'. Di solito sono i loro alleati Shebab che ordinano amputazioni e lapidazioni in nome della loro interpretazione ultrarigorista dell'Islam. In lotta contro il governo di transizione, Shebab e Hezb al Islam controllano una gran parte del sud e del centro della Somalia, oltre che la gran maggioranza dei quartieri di Mogadiscio.



Islamist rebels fight over executions in Somalia - First executions by Hizbul Islam - One man stoned to death, another shot - Three rebel gunmen die after argument

By Mohamed Ahmed and Abdi Sheikh MOGADISHU, - Somali rebels have executed two men for adultery and murder, but the verdict prompted a battle between two insurgent factions that killed three of the gunmen, witnesses said on Monday.

It was the first time Hizbul Islam guerrillas had meted out the type of punishments that are usually associated with the more hardline al Shabaab rebel group, which the United States  says is al Qaeda's proxy in the failed Horn of Africa state.

President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed's Western-backed government controls just a few strategic sites in Mogadishu.

Western security experts say the country has become a safe haven for militants, including foreign jihadists, who are using it to plot attacks across the impoverished region and beyond.

The latest executions took place on Sunday in Afgoye, where thousands of families uprooted by the violence are sheltering some 30 km (19 miles) southwest of the capital.

Hizbul Islam fighters summoned hundreds of residents to a field, where a rebel judge announced that the two men had confessed to murder and adultery. A woman who had confessed to fornication had been sentenced to 100 lashes, he added.

"This is their day of justice," the judge, Osman Siidow Hasan, told the crowd. "We investigated and they confessed." But the reading of the sentence prompted an argument, and then a gun battle, between two Hizbul factions, residents said.

 REBELS FIGHT EACH OTHER "Three Hizbul Islam fighters died and five others were injured after they fought each other," Halima Osman, an Afgoye shopkeeper, told Reuters in Mogadishu by telephone.

"Some wanted to delay the execution while the others insisted. They exchanged fire. The group that was against the execution was overpowered and chased away," she said.

The punishments were then delivered, witnesses said. A relative of the murder victim shot the first as he lay on the floor, then the second man was buried in a hole up to his chest and pelted with rocks until he died.

"I could not watch the shocking scene," local man Ali Gabow told Reuters. "The lady who had been with the second man was only given 100 lashes because she said she had never married." Al Shabaab, and to a lesser extent Hizbul Islam, are fighting the government to impose their harsh interpretation of Islamic Sharia law across the drought-ravaged country.



Somalie: les insurgés du Hezb al-Islam jugent et exécutent deux  homes

MOGADISCIO, - Les insurgés islamistes  somaliens du Hezb al-Islam ont jugé et exécuté dimanche deux hommes  accusés d'adultère et de meurtre devant des centaines de spectateurs  en périphérie de la capitale Mogadiscio, a-t-on appris de sources  concordantes.

Cheikh Osman Fidow Hasan, juge islamique en charge de la justice  au sein du Hezb al-Islam, a ordonné la lapidation de Mohamed Abukar  Ibrahim, 48 ans pour adultère, et l'exécution par balle de Ahmed  Mohamoud Awale, 61 ans, accusé de meurtre.

"Aujourd'hui, devant vous, la Cour islamique a ordonné au nom de  la charia l'exécution de ces deux hommes reconnus coupables de  meurtre et d'adultère", a déclaré cheikh Osman à la foule.

Des centaines de spectateurs s'étaient rassemblés pour  l'occasion dans la localité d'Afgoye, un bastion du Hezb al-Islam à  une vingtaine de kilomètres au sud de Mogadiscio.

Mohamed Abukar Ibrahim a été mis à mort à coups de pierres  lancées par des dizaines de militants du groupe islamiste, selon des  témoins.

"Il hurlait, le sang dégoulinait sur sa tête et son buste", a  raconté à l'AFP un témoin, Adan Nurkey. "Il est mort très rapidement  après avoir été touché par de gros cailloux", a expliqué un autre  témoin, Mohamud Ashur.

La jeune fille de 15 ans avec lequel le condamné avait eu une  relation sexuelle a reçu 100 coups de fouets. Elle n'a pas été  condamnée à mort car elle n'était pas mariée au moment des faits.

Le second condamné à mort, accusé d'avoir poignardé un homme le  mois dernier, "a été exécuté par des rafales de kalachnikov tirées  par un proche de sa victime", a ajouté Abdulkarim Yusuf Bile, un  troisième témoin.

C'est la première fois que les insurgés du Hezb al-Islam mettent  en oeuvre de telles exécutions.

Ce sont habituellement leurs alliés radicaux shebab qui  ordonnent amputations, mises à mort et lapidations, au nom de leur  interprétation ultra-rigoriste de l'islam.

Se réclamant d'al-Qaïda, les shebab ont imposé dans les régions  qu'ils contrôlent au sud du pays une forme très stricte de la charia  (loi coranique).

En lutte contre le gouvernement de transition (TFG), les shebab  et le Hezb al-Islam contrôlent une grande partie du sud et du centre  de la Somalie, ainsi que la majorité des quartiers de Mogadiscio.

October 15 2016

Human rights activist asks Pope to discuss the death penalty with Lukashenka

Andrei Paluda, coordinator of the campaign "Human Rights Defenders against the Death Penalty in Belarus", has sent a letter to Pope Francis, asking him to touch upon the issue of capital punishment during his meeting with President Lukashenka.
October 10 2016
October 10,14th World Day Against the Death Penalty

On the 14th world day against the death penalty a conference entitled "No Justice Without Life" will be held in Japan

July 2 2016
Address and the Final Ceremony by Mario Marazziti. Nobel Peace Prize Room, City Hall. June 23rd 2016

CITIES FOR LIFE – CITIES AGAINST THE DEATH PENALTY 6th World Congress Against the Death Penalty in Oslo

by Mario Marazziti
June 25 2016

Pope Francis: “Death penalty is unacceptable”

Pope Francis addresses the authorities, the associations, the activists and the civil society gathered in Oslo on the occasion of the World Congress Against the Death Penalty through a video message.
June 21 2016
The 6th Congress Against the Death Penalty opens today in Oslo

The Community of Sant'Egidio takes part in the congress with delegations from Italy, Congo, Belgium, Spain, Germany and Indonesia

1500 attendants coming from over 80 countries. Among them, 20 ministers, 200 diplomats, members of different parliaments, scholars, lawyers, members of various associations and civil society actors
May 25 2016
"The laws are not perfect and judges cannot make mistakes. When you think that laws are perfect, this is the beginning of injustice", said Mgr. Suharyo

Church and civil society against new executions

Jakarta is among the 15 cities in Indonesia where in the past years the event "Cities for Life, Cities against the Death Penalty" was held, organized by Sant'Egidio in over two thousand municipalities in the five continents
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June 4 2016
The Washington Post

Meet the red-state conservatives fighting to abolish the death penalty
May 23 2016

Malaysian death row convict loses final appeal in Singapore
May 23 2016

Vescovo filippino: È presto per giudicare il contraddittorio Duterte. No alla pena di morte
May 14 2016

Pfizer blocca i farmaci per la pena di morte negli Usa
May 14 2016
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Pena di morte, Pfizer blocca l’uso dei suoi farmaci per le iniezioni letali negli Usa
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