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July 9 2010 | IRAN


Ambassador in London: "Sakineh Ashtiani won't be killed by stoning". But fears for her execution remain

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Mujer iraní acusada de adulterio no será lapidada, según Teherán

Londres, 9 jul.- La iraní Sakineh Mohammad Ashtiani, acusada de adulterio y por quien se habían movilizado gobiernos y organizaciones de todo el mundo, no será ejecutada por lapidación, según la Embajada iraní en Londres.

En su comunicado, la Embajada iraní califica de "falsas" las informaciones difundidas sobre la próxima lapidación de la mujer, de 43 años y que, según denuncias occidentales, ha pasado ya cinco años en la cárcel y ha recibido 99 latigazos.

El secretario de Estado del ministerio británico de Exteriores, Alistair Burt, había asegurado que la lapidación "es un castigo medieval que no tiene sentido en el mundo moderno" y que su empleo por el régimen iraní "demuestra un flagrante desprecio de sus compromisos en materia de derechos humanos".

"Es sabido que ese tipo de castigo apenas se ha aplicado en Irán", señala la nota de la Embajada, que cita expresamente a Burt y que agrega que la lapidación no se menciona en el proyecto de Código Penal Islámico que estudia actualmente el Parlamento iraní.

EEUU también instó ayer a Irán a no ejecutar a Ashtiani y calificó la lapidación de una práctica "bárbara" y "abominable".

"Condenamos en los términos más enérgicos el uso de la lapidación, dondequiera que ocurra, como forma de dar legalmente muerte a alguien mediante la tortura", dijo Mark Toner, portavoz del Departamento de Estado.

El dramaturgo David Hare, los actores Robert Redford, Emma Thompson y Juliette Binoche y la diseñadora Katherine Hamnett se han sumado a una campaña internacional a favor de su liberación.

El hijo de Ashtiani, Sajad Ghadarzade, de 22 años, ha enviado una carta a las organizaciones de derechos humanos en la que negaba las acusaciones de adulterio contra su madre y se quejaba de que las máximas autoridades del país hubiesen rechazado sus peticiones de clemencia.

En la carta, de la que informó el jueves "The Times", Ghardazade denunciaba "la falta de justicia en este país".

También el presidente del Comité de Relaciones Exteriores del Senado estadounidense, John Kerry, calificó la lapidación de "castigo bárbaro y horrible" y exigió a Teherán su abolición.

Para hoy y mañana sábado se habían anunciado protestas frente a las embajadas de Irán en Londres y otras capitales occidentales.



Iran stoning sentence for adultery draws outrage
Updates with report that woman will not be stoned.

LONDON _ The case of an Iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning drew international outrage after her lawyer's blog posts sparked a global campaign to save her life, and British media reported late Thursday that the stoning would not occur.

The Iranian Embassy in London said that Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani would no longer face death by stoning, according to Channel 4 News and The Guardian newspaper. A message seeking comment from the embassy was not immediately returned, and it was not immediately clear if Ashtiani still faced death by other means.

«According to information from the relevant judicial authorities in Iran, she will not be executed by stoning punishment,» the embassy said in the statement reported by Channel 4 News and The Guardian.

Ashtiani's face, framed in a black chador, stared from the front page of The Times of London on Thursday, while The Guardian carried an interview with Ashtiani's children _ 22-year-old Sajad and 17-year-old Farideh _ who described the sentence as a nightmare. Protests are planned in front of the Iranian Embassy over the weekend.

Stoning is a «medieval punishment which has no role in the modern world,» British Foreign Secretary William Hague told reporters Thursday. «If the punishment is carried out, it will disgust and appall the watching world,» Hague said in a media conference with Turkey's foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu in London.

He appealed to Tehran to halt the planned execution.

Celebrities including Colin Firth, Emma Thompson, and Robert Redford have already signed on to the campaign to push for her release, according to The Times, which also quoted U.S. Senator John Kerry and Howard Berman, the chairman of the House of Representatives' Foreign Affairs Committee, as expressing their disgust at the sentence.

Even Lindsay Lohan publicized the case, becoming one of hundreds of Twitter users rallying the online world to Ashtiani's defense.

Under Iran's Islamic laws, adultery is the only capital offense punishable by stoning. A man is usually buried up to his waist, while a woman is buried up to her neck. Those carrying out the verdict then pelt the convict with stones until he or she dies.

Stoning was widely imposed in the years following the revolution, and even though Iran's judiciary still regularly hands down such sentences, they are often converted to fines. The last known stoning was carried out in 2008, although the government rarely confirms that such punishments have been meted out.

«It's possible that the numbers are much higher than has been reported,» said Faraz Sanei, an Iran researcher at Human Rights Watch, one of several groups publicizing Ashtiani's case.

The rights group said she was first convicted in May of 2006 of having an «illicit relationship» with two men following the death of her husband _ for which a court in Tabriz, in northwestern Iran, sentenced her to 99 lashes.

But later that year she was also convicted of adultery, despite having retracted a confession which she claims was made under duress.

That Ashtiani's plight has received unusually wide play might be attributable to the determined work of Germany-based activist Mina Ahadi as well as to the Internet savvy of Ashtiani's lawyer, Mohammad Mostafaei, a prolific blogger, Sanei said.

In one of his recent posts, Mostafaei warned that his client could be executed at any time without notice, Sanei said.

Davutoglu, the Turkish foreign minister, told reporters in the British capital that his country would raise the issue with Iran.

September 6 2019

Despite thousands of appeals for clemency, Billy Crutsinger was executed yesterday. Pain and disdain for this horror. Let’s keep on struggling to stop the death penalty

Thanks to all those who joined our appeals
March 15 2019
March 14, 2019

Bishops’ Conference Committee Chairman Welcomes Governor of California’s Declaration of Moratorium on Death Penalty

March 15 2019
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The death penalty makes everyone guilty. The revolutionary choice of the governor of California who signed the moratorium on capital executions ·

February 27 2019
Bruxelles from February 26 to March 1

Pope Francis on Wednesday urged the abolition of the death penalty worldwide Francis sent a video message to the "World Congress Against the Death Penalty"

November 14 2018

Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian, Cultural) Approves Death Penalty Moratorium

Approved as amended by a recorded vote of 123 in favour to 36 against, with 30 abstentions
November 3 2018
The death penalty in Germany was canceled by the judiciary of the Federal Republic in 1949, while in the Democratic Republic it was abolished in 1987

The German state of Hesse has voted to finally scrap the death penalty from its constitution

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