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December 14 2010 | ITALY

USA - Italia

Italy binds itself to support the battle launched by the Community of Sant'Egidio in the day of Cities for Life against the export of Pentothal

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Rome, December 13, 2010

Foreign Minister Franco Frattini met today with representatives of Hands Off Cain and the Community of Sant’Egidio in an effort to prevent the direct or indirect use of Pentothal, produced in Italy, in prisons in the United States and other countries that resort to lethal injection.

Minister Frattini said he shares the concerns of the delegation, which included Radical Party M.P. Elisabetta Zamparutti,  Hands Off Cain leader Sergio D’Elia and Community of Sant’Egidio spokesman Mario Marazziti, and confirmed his desire to solve the issue quickly, involving the Health and Productive Activities Ministers in the effort. Frattini then informed the representatives of the abolitionist movements of his intention to summon executives of the Hospira pharmaceutical company, based in Liscate (Milan), commissioned by its head office in the U.S. to produce the drug and start shipments there in January.

Minister Frattini furthermore announced that he was in favor of the motion presented to the House of Representatives by Elisabetta Zamparutti and supported by members of all political groups, which would bind the government to ensure that the production and sale of Pentothal on the part of Hospira were authorized exclusively for medical purposes and on the condition that the barbiturate produced in Italy not be used for lethal injection.

Frattini lastly announced to his guests that he intends to raise the issue at the European level so that control of Pentothal exports be extended to member states of the European Union in compliance with national and EC laws forbidding application of the death penalty. 

Controls on exports of Pentothal were recently established by the British government following the discovery by the humanitarian organization Reprieve that the anesthesia imported from the United Kingdom was used in October to execute a man in Arizona.


October 15 2016

Human rights activist asks Pope to discuss the death penalty with Lukashenka

Andrei Paluda, coordinator of the campaign "Human Rights Defenders against the Death Penalty in Belarus", has sent a letter to Pope Francis, asking him to touch upon the issue of capital punishment during his meeting with President Lukashenka.
October 10 2016
October 10,14th World Day Against the Death Penalty

On the 14th world day against the death penalty a conference entitled "No Justice Without Life" will be held in Japan

July 2 2016
Address and the Final Ceremony by Mario Marazziti. Nobel Peace Prize Room, City Hall. June 23rd 2016

CITIES FOR LIFE – CITIES AGAINST THE DEATH PENALTY 6th World Congress Against the Death Penalty in Oslo

by Mario Marazziti
June 25 2016

Pope Francis: “Death penalty is unacceptable”

Pope Francis addresses the authorities, the associations, the activists and the civil society gathered in Oslo on the occasion of the World Congress Against the Death Penalty through a video message.
June 21 2016
The 6th Congress Against the Death Penalty opens today in Oslo

The Community of Sant'Egidio takes part in the congress with delegations from Italy, Congo, Belgium, Spain, Germany and Indonesia

1500 attendants coming from over 80 countries. Among them, 20 ministers, 200 diplomats, members of different parliaments, scholars, lawyers, members of various associations and civil society actors
May 25 2016
"The laws are not perfect and judges cannot make mistakes. When you think that laws are perfect, this is the beginning of injustice", said Mgr. Suharyo

Church and civil society against new executions

Jakarta is among the 15 cities in Indonesia where in the past years the event "Cities for Life, Cities against the Death Penalty" was held, organized by Sant'Egidio in over two thousand municipalities in the five continents
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June 4 2016
The Washington Post

Meet the red-state conservatives fighting to abolish the death penalty
May 23 2016

Malaysian death row convict loses final appeal in Singapore
May 23 2016

Vescovo filippino: È presto per giudicare il contraddittorio Duterte. No alla pena di morte
May 14 2016

Pfizer blocca i farmaci per la pena di morte negli Usa
May 14 2016
La Stampa

Pena di morte, Pfizer blocca l’uso dei suoi farmaci per le iniezioni letali negli Usa
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