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The International Conferences of  Ministers of Justice for the abolition of the death penalty

In order to develop new strategies and visions the  Community of Sant'Egidio organizes an annual Conference of  Ministers of Justice, jurists, members of the Supreme Courts, belonging to countries that have abolished the death penalty as well as to countries that still have it.  The special attention given to the African continent, rapidly changing, allowed, in recent years, to support, through lectures and courses, legislative, social, parliamentary and of guidance of the public opinion, which led to the reduction or abolition de jure and de facto of the capital punishment. The conference gets a participation, more and more increasing, including representatives of Asian countries, destined to consolidate in the coming years.


Cities For Life

All around the world  1600 CITIES FOR LIFE illuminate a monument-symbol against the death penalty to declare their adherence to the "NO JUSTICE WITHOUT LIFE"


November 30, 2012 - World Day of the "Cities for Life".

The world's capitals are 70 and the cities are nearly 1.600, from 88 countries. They give life, by demonstrations, marches, sit-ins, shows, public meetings, in schools and universities, official motions of Municipalities and Cities Councils,to the tenth edition of the World Day of  the Cities for Life.

Every adhering city makes available as "living logo" a main monument that becomes "speaking" by a special different lighting, because it’s object of projections that emphasize the engagement and dialogue with the citizens for a world without the death penalty.

This year for the tenth anniversary a special spot Motion Graphic in all languages! Visit the pages of the site to view it, or the You tube channel