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Cities For Life

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The Sant'Egidio Community promotes
 The World Day " Cities for Life - Cities against the Death Penalty" on November 30, of each year.
The hope is that, progressively more and more, many other cities join a battle of life, of progress, of humanity. Anyone can suggest the Mayors the participation in the World Day " Cities for Life - Cities against the Death Penalty" .
 Everybody can do this by contacting his Mayor and asking membership. If that city has already agreed in previous years, then you have to ask what steps they intend to take for the event in November 2013!
 It 's always possible and useful to ask humanitarian organizations, Church representatives, or anyone who is sensitive to the issue , to activate symbolic gestures . We ask everyone to report
the initiatives , we might share them on the web and reach many.
 Currently more than 1600 cities around the world have declared themselves "Cities for Life" and are committed to the abolition of the death penalty .
The World Day of Cities for Life / Cities against the Death Penalty is the largest contemporary global mobilization to indicate a more civil and higher form of justice, able to finally give up the death penalty.
The Sant'Egidio Communities, anywhere in the world,  engage battle in defense of life and for the abolition of the death penalty, in oder to spread a new culture of life, because there is no justice without life.
No justice without life !
In 2012 we celebrated the tenth anniversary of the" city for life " which saw a wide participation  not only European but also worldwide.
 1600 cities including 70 capital cities of 89 Countries around the world that have given rise to marches, sit - ins, shows , public meetings , in schools and universities, official motions of  Municipalities and citizen Councils.