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VIII International Congress of Ministers of Justice Rome, November 29, 2013

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By the extension of the abolition of the death penalty, the world has been making a huge progress about the respect for the human rights. In the mid-nineties, when the Sant'Egidio Community began to fight for the abolition of the death penalty,  a hundred of countries had abolished the death penalty de jure or de facto. Today their number has increased to 145. To such a development the Sant'Egidio Community has contributed  promoting a Call for an Universal Moratorium, a moral manifesto that raised over five million signatures in 153 countries and it was presented to the United Nations on the eve of the vote on the historical Resolution about the refusal of the death penalty as means of justice (2007). The abolitionist commitment of the Sant'Egidio Community continues today encouraging and supporting  countries, still maintainers, on the path towards abolition of the death penalty and operating both at the governmental level, in direct contact with political representatives and international conferences of Ministers of Justice, and supporting civil society.