Urgent appeal to save John Balentine, his execution is set for February 8, 2023

Sentenced to death: John Lezell Balentine
Execution date: 08 February 2023
Place of execution: Huntsville, Texas United States
John Lezell Balentine has been in the Texas death row for the last 23 years. His execution was scheduled, then cancelled, several times. As his execution is once again scheduled for February 8th, we ask for clemency. The urgency of the matter prompts us to encourage everyone to share this appeal swiftly.
He was convicted for murdering in January 1998 17-year-old Mark Caylor Jr. and 15-year-olds Kai Geyer and Steven Brady Watson, all three being friends and/or family of his then-girlfriend Misty. John, then 30 years old, confessed to all three crimes as soon as he was arrested.
John grew up in Arkansas, having been brought up in a violent and abusive family environment. After having abandoned school, he worked as a mechanic. He also was convicted several times for robberies and violent crimes.
When he got in the death row, alone in the prison confinement, he started to write on a regular basis to several pen friends.
Now that the execution date has been rescheduled for Feb. 8 2023, we wish to make ourselves closer to John, advocating for compassion and a firm renouncement to chains of violence of any kind. We ask, insistently, for his life to be spared.
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