Urgent Appeal for Brandon Bernard, execution scheduled on december 12 2020

Sentenced to death: Brandon Bernard
Execution date: 12 December 2020
Place of execution: Terre Haute, IN (Federal Penitentiary) - United States

Brandon Bernard is sentenced to death for his involvement, when only 18 years-old and with a proven non-leading passive role, in the gang kidnapping, robbery and killing of Todd and Stacie Bagley, two youth ministers, who eventually died in their car arson.
Brandon, after 20 years in death row, is an absolutely different person, who became a positive counsellor also to other younger convicts.
Today, federal authority rejects any evidence and appeals in defense, not considering either the then young age and passive role or nowadays achieved rehabilitation goals.
In closeness to those who cannot cease from suffering after a heinous and unjust crime, we are firmly conscious that no healing could come by putting to death another human being, today definitely distant from the criminal context he was involved in his early juvenile years. There is no justice without life. There is no justice without considering, in the face of the greatest evil, the reasons of mercy.
We ask those who can decide for life to stop and consider, as increasingly achieved worldwide, any viable alternative measure of justice and clemency.

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