Cities for Life – Cities against death penalty

“Cities for life” is a campaign led by the Community of Sant’Egidio that supports the abolition of the death penalty all over the world and promotes the culture of life. Every November 30th the Cities for Life – against the Death Penalty Day commemorates the first abolition of the capital punishment, which took place in 1786 in the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

It is a major world mobilization so people do not forget that several countries still keep this cruel and inhumane punishment. It wants to show there is a higher and more civilized justice capable of abandoning capital punishment once and for all.

Cities, by means of their political leaders or their citizens, promote events in the streets, in schools or in universities. City councils take part through motions and press releases by the mayor and councillors. Every municipality chooses an important monument, which is illuminated in a special way and thus becomes a “living logo” of the people’s commitment and dialogue for a world without the death penalty. Rome’s Colosseum is an example, a symbol of life. 2371 cities have joined the campaign since 2002.

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